Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to one of football’s most exciting NFL teams. The Minnesota Vikings are known far and wide for giving their fans a good time, even when they don’t win.

The Vikings became a professional NFL football team in 1961 and started by winning their first regular season game, beating the Bears by twenty four points. Unfortunately, they lost the next seven games and finished the season with a record of 3-11.

The Minnesota Vikings may not win Super Bowls, but they sure give it a try. They have been to four, losing each one, but they consistently win division championships and a winning Super Bowl is most likely not far off.

Until 1981, the Minnesota Vikings played on their home field at Metropolitan Stadium. Finally, in 1982, they moved to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome where they continue to play. The Dome, as it is commonly nicknamed, was the first professional stadium to have a roof supported only by air.

Also home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team, and the University of Minnesota Gophers, the Dome is the perfect place for a professional sporting event. With seating for more than 64,000, the stadium fits plenty of fans; however, the Gophers and the Twins have both started moving towards other stadiums and the Vikings seem to be close as well.

The stadium is outdated and considered by many as unsuitable for future sporting events without some major changes. There has been much controversy surrounding the idea of a new stadium but the Vikings owners have adamantly denied any attempts to move the team despite the issues with local government.

The Minnesota Vikings do not win every game but they have very loyal fans and for good reason. Each season is like a new adventure. Will they win? Will they lose? Either way, the team puts on a great show.

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